Flint and District Beekeepers Asscociation
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Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Fflint A’R Cylch

Flint & District Beekeepers Association


Mertyn Downing

Tel: 01745 560557

email secretary.fdbka@gmail.com

Seasonal Bee Inspector

Tony Davis - Flintshire, Denbighshire, Wrexham

 (please only contact if you are a beekeeper and have queries about honey bees)

Tel: 07900 166018


Bee Swarm

If you think you have found a swarm of bees in the Flint and District area, please call 

01978 760353 or 07594 377330

in the first instance for further guidance.

Please note that the FDBKA do not deal with Bumble Bees.  Please contact your local wildlife trust on 01248 351541.

Nuisance bees

Every summer, we receive frequent phone calls from householders concerned about nuisance bees:

“We’ve got a swarm of bees in the garden, bees in the chimney or roof, bees in the shed, bees in the compost heap, bees in the bird box, bees in the lawn, bees burrowing into the house walls.  We are worried that the grandchildren, the neighbours or the dog might get stung”.

Our advice is always the same: Live with the bees if you can, and be glad that they have chosen your garden. We need more bees, and they are very unlikely to sting.

Bees in the bird box

Most probably these are bumblebees. How lucky you are to have these nesting in your garden! The birds no longer need the nest box, and it is just the right size for bumblebees, and too small for honeybees. Just enjoy watching the bumblebees coming and going, busy pollinating the flowers in your garden.
Please note: Our members do not remove bumblebee nests.


Not sure if you have a honey bee swarm or bumble bees?

here for references to honey bees
See here for references to bumble bees